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Various Features of the Business Telephone System



One important component of the organization is the business telephone system. If there is no communication, the businesses won't be able to carry out their business activities. Hence, the telephone systems must be perfect enough to be used and must also incorporate all of the important factors that are required by the organizations. You should know the different features that you must have to ensure an efficient system that will be very useful for your business.


It is very important that your telephone system should add value to your business. Thus, the system should be integrated with important features. The different brands offer a number of features. It is important that you know the complete information regarding the features. Here are some of the things that must be present in a really perfect and valuable system.


One very important feature of the telephone system is auto attendant. This system can be equipped with an auto attendant feature which allows the PABX System to work as a reception for the callers. Such can take the calls automatically and direct the caller to enter the right number in order to reach the desired extension. This will help in saving time for the attendants who are very busy in taking the calls of callers.


Moreover, so many business telephone systems have the call features too. This would permit more than two conferences to be accomplished at the same time. There systems that allow the conference of two extensions at one time only. However, there are also systems that are created to permit conference of more than two calls. So many of the pabx telephone system offer the feature of internal extension conferences. If you like external conferences, then you should request for this.


Also, you should know that the systems come with automated directories which are integrated in them. This feature allows the caller to see the employee's extension. Such can be done by entering the first three letters of the name of the person. Also a great thing is the voice mail feature that permits you to leave a message for the employee who is not able to attend at the moment. There are also systems that allow third-party voice mailing options.


Also, you need to know that the call hold features are there in the business telephone system. This type of feature would put the caller on hold if the attendant is very busy when it comes to dealing with the other people on the calls. Such is an automatic kind of system.