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What You Need to Know About a Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) System



A Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) system is a type of private telephone network which permits a single-access number to proffer several lines to outside callers, at the same time furnishing a number of external lines for internal callers.


A network such as this is commonly used in call centers and other businesses, chiefly those medium- to larger-sized companies, as an inexpensive alternative to having numerous separate external phone lines for each telephone in the organization. PABX used to be just PBX (Private Branch Exchange), but today most systems are automated, thus the appropriate name change.


The PABX system makes communication between a company's departments and branches smooth and effortless, regardless of location. A PABX telephone system is the perfect solution for top-level business executives or managers in telecommunications companies as it allows them to reach certain parties fast and thus make time-sensitive decisions quickly.


How the PABX Telephone System Works

This telephone switching system connects phones within an organization while also connecting those phones to a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). All calls, incoming and outgoing, are handled by the server. In the automated system, there is no need for an operator to manually connect calls; lines are automatically selected. The system is flexible and easy to set up.


Users in the Pabx System UAE connect with each other based on a dial plan which details individual digit codes and is configured to manage calls made through the system, as well as other features, including call hold, call forwarding, and call restrictions.


Types of PBX Servers

There are a few types of PBX servers. First is the Analog PBX in which the voice signal is not digitalized. There is also the Digital PBX with a digital voice signal and the latest VoIP PBX or IP PBX which is software-based. The Hybrid system is a merging of both digital and IP PBX systems.


The VoIP PBX telephone system is capable of transmitting voice signals through an IP network. It can either be a physical object or a software on a computer which transmits voice and video data over an Internet network. The VoIP has unlimited voicemail boxes and caller ID customization. Other features include call transferring and call conferencing. The VoIP PBX can be integrated into Outlook.


The Panasonic PABX and Avaya Voip PBX systems are examples of popular systems being used by companies with demanding telecommunications needs. There are also several other brands out in the market, depending on preference, although most systems provide the same basic functions of a PABX.